Conditioning Leather Furniture.

Conditioning your leather furniture is extremely important to ensure the longevity of your investment.  However, most people don’t do it!  Many expensive repair jobs could have been avoided simply by conditioning on a regular basis.  When leather dries out, it will begin to crack and cracks eventually become tears.

How often should I condition my leather furniture?  In Utah, we have very dry air which will damage leather more quickly than in other areas.  I would recommend you condition your leather every six months.

What leather conditioner should I buy?  This is a good question since there are many types of conditioner on the market and some are very expensive.  The conditioners that I use are proprietary and not sold in stores.  The best thing to do is always test the conditioner on an inconspicuous area of leather and see what happens.  Let it dry over night.  Some will darken the leather too much or leave a white film.  Others will remove color from the leather!  You really have to be careful.

Depending on the type of finish your leather has, conditioning leather can be tricky.  It is also labor intensive.  Sometimes it’s better to have a professional do the work.

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