Leather Fading.

Faded leather is the top leather repair that I perform for residential customers.  Once beautiful leather furniture now looks old and worn out.  Luckily, in most cases, leather color restoration is possible and very much worth the small investment.

The number one cause of leather fading is sun damage.  This one is easy to spot because only the exposed areas of the furniture will be faded while the rest looks good as new.

The second leading cause of leather fading is dogs.  This is more a case of the leather finish being rubbed or scratched off.  You can usually tell when it’s the dog’s fault because only the bottom cushions and maybe the arms will exhibit color loss.

Other causes of leather color loss may include normal wear and tear, cleaning chemicals, and some conditioners.

Restoring color to leather is one of my favorite jobs.  It is very rewarding to take an old worn out looking furniture piece and give it new life!

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